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We have the best suet for your woodpecker feeder - Attractor Roasted Peanut Suet! recommends high quality Attractor™ Nutritional Suet.  We believe it's the best suet in the world and the best suet for woodpeckers and other wild birds!  Some of you may not be familiar with suet or may not understand the difference between our preferred suet and what you might see at your local bird or discount grocery store.  We have all the information you need right here.  Also, if you're looking for a woodpecker suet feeder, we have that as well!

What is suet?

Why feed suet to birds?

When should you offer suet?

What birds can I attract with suet?

What is suet?

Beef suet is typically beef or pork fat that is found around the kidney or loin area of an animal.  Vegetable suet is another form of suet that can be derived from pure, refined vegetable fat.  Suet is one of the most highly concentrated energy foods you can offer wild birds.Attractor Roasted Peanut SUet

Suet from either of the above sources, and in this form, is a very nutritional source of energy.  Suet provides vitamins, minerals, and even electrolytes which are critically important to the health of wild birds.

Why feed suet to birds?

Birds have a high energy consumption rate due to high metabolisms, and it is not uncommon for a bird to eat up to 30% of it’s own body weight in food, per day.  Due to its high protein and calorie levels, suet offers birds a high burst of energy in a concentrated form.

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When should you offer suet?

Birdjulius Suet SquaresYou should offer suet to your wild birds all year round because they need it all year round!  Suet gives birds the energy required to see them though spring nesting, breeding, rearing of young, and it arms birds against the cold winter months.  Suet will also be one of the first foods to be fed to fledglings.  Depending on food availability, suet can be of critical importance during the long, cold winter months when insects and other natural high protein foods become difficult to find, or if food becomes scarce for other reasons.  Suet consumption may fall off a bit during the warmer months, but wild birds will consume suet all year round, regardless of the temperature.

A point to remember – it takes a bird around two weeks to locate a suitable food source.  Once found, the bird will return to this location on a regular basis.  If that food source is removed, the bird may then take another two weeks to locate an alternative place of sustenance.  This could prove to be particularly harmful as the bird may become too weak and undernourished to survive.

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What birds can I attract with suet?

Depending on your location in the U.S., you can expect to attract birds of the following species or similar families:

Robins, Blackbirds, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Woodpeckers (Downy, Red Bellied, Hairy, Pileated, Red Headed, Northern Flicker), Nuthatches, Chickadees, Martins, Warblers, Finches, Crossbills, Wrens, Brown Thrashers, Pine Siskins, Bluebirds, Doves, Magpies, Thrushes, Titmice, Orioles, Brown Creepers, Sparrows, and Dunnocks.

We offer Attractor Suet exclusively for our woodpecker feeder and for your wild birds.  We have four varieties available, Attractor™ Nutritional Original (Plain) Suet Plugs™, Attractor™ Nutritional Roasted Peanut Suet Plugs™, Attractor™ Nutritional Peanut Butter Suet Plugs™, Attractor™ Nutritional Sunflower Hearts Suet Plugs™, and our Attractor™ Nutritional Suet Plug™ Assortment.    Take a close-up look at a label from our Attractor™ Nutritional Roasted Peanut Suet package.

*All suet contains our secret ingredient "Bird Nip™"*

We also just introduced our whopping 28 oz. (1.75 lb.) No-Melt Attractor™ Peanut Butter Suet Bell as an option for those of you who want to offer a great taste and presentation alternative for your wild birds. All are excellent products that you will enjoy feeding to your wild birds!  And, we offer an excellent square suet product, Birdjulius™, that wild birds definitely prefer over the cheaper quality products you find at most stores.  Both of these items are made our of the same quality ingredients as are our Attractor™ line of suet products.

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Gift Certificates!
We also offer gift certificates for those of you would would prefer this method.  This is nice, especially if the recipient lives far from you and you don't want to double-ship.  It is also nice if you aren't sure which feeder your friend or loved one will prefer. 

You can purchase Gift Certificates in increments from $25 to $100 and, of course, you can order them in quantities as well for a great gift to your bird feeding friends!  Give a woodpecker suet feeder and suet gift today!

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Suet that woodpeckers and other wild birds love!
Specially formulated with the finest ingredients
Made in the USA

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