Tuesday February 21, 2017

Our natural cedar woodpecker feeders are individually hand-crafted in the USA!

Our woodpecker feeders are rustic and natural cedar log blocks that your woodpeckers and other clinging birds will discover and enjoy year-round!

Woodpecker Feeders are Here!
Made of natural cedar!

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Here are our woodpecker feeder features and benefits!Here is where you can see exactly what our woodpecker feeders look like and learn more about the feeders' features and benefits!

Woodpecker-Feeder.com offers bird feeders that are created specifically for woodpeckers.  Our design is oriented toward a woodpecker's innate ability to forage deeply into holes and crevices in search for food and in their ability to hang on to wood in nearly any position.

As you read below, you will see just how much thought and effort has gone into making these excellent woodpecker feeders!


Special Design.  The design of this woodpecker feeder is specific to woodpeckers (and similar clinging birds, such as chickadees and nuthatches) and the feeders are a deterrent to starlings.

In our 'Angle' woodpecker feeder, we have focused more on ease-of-use and are allowing some starlings to flutter and stab at the suet.  There is still plenty of suet for woodpeckers to eat.  Our 'Angle' design has a large capacity and is easy to fill and clean.

Appearance.  Our 'Angle' woodpecker feeder is a little more compact, but still has a log look and feel.  Woodpeckers visit our 'Angle' feeder as often as they to our Original feeder.

Our 'Angle' woodpecker feeder is around 12 inches long, maybe 3 inches wide, and weighs slightly more than 2 pounds.

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Hand-crafted.   Each woodpecker feeder is hand-crafted and each suet port is hand drilled.  This is why all feeders will work to the same degree of efficiency, but no two feeders will look exactly alike.

Well constructed.  Our woodpecker feeders are hand-assembled and quality checked.  We use rust-resistant zinc-plated hanging hooks and all holes are pre-drilled to prevent premature splitting of the wood.

Quality cedar.  Cedar was chosen as the wood for constructing our feeder.  This type of wood is the quality choice of consumers, holds up well in the environment, is a natural wood product, looks great in the landscape, and woodpeckers have no problem recognizing it as a place to find food.

Easy to clean.  Our design allows for easy cleaning of the feeding ports using a small bottle brush.  Cleanings won't be needed very often since the woodpeckers do a pretty thorough job of cleaning the suet out from the holes, but when you do need to clean, it is a simple process.

Multiple food ports. Our 'Angle' suet woodpecker feeder has multiple (4) large suet holes or "food ports" so that woodpeckers can easily access plenty of suet.

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Less suet wasted.  In our 'Angle' feeder, starlings can peck away at the suet, some of which falls to the ground for other birds to eat, but they cannot wipe the feeder out in minutes our even hours.

More woodpeckers at the feeder.  Since starlings won't spend much time at our feeder, woodpeckers can eat more often (and they will), without fear of finding no suet left for them or being run off by starlings.

Less starling interference.  Our unique design keeps all but the most talented starlings from having any success at the feeder.  And, those few starlings who become interested in the feeder will give up after a couple of stabs and move on to easier food sources.  The months of May and June in Ohio are the most active for starlings since they all have little fledglings to feed.  In our testing area, we may have 8 adult starlings and 20 fledglings at any point in time.  OF course, we have been training and conditioning our starlings for years, so they probably have a little more success than anyplace else in the world.

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